Jewelry Design Philosophy

When you enter the world of HARRACA jewelry, you enter the world of Martine Harraca, a painter and sculptor who designs each piece of jewelry as an artistic creation.

Each design is a unique creation and each object is entirely fashioned by hand in Paris, France.

In the Harraca workshops, the only molds that you find are the hands of craftsmen who consider each piece of jewelry an expression of their own personal know-how. Each piece is fashioned through a sequence of precise operations:

  • Cutting of the transparent, glass-like acrylic (PMMA).
  • Hand sculpting to create volume and movement.
  • Application of four to six layers of lacquer, at 24-hour intervals to give depth and transparency to the beautiful colors.
  • Cleaning through the use of files to precisely define the boundaries of colors.
  • Polishing to give a shiny finish.
  • Precision insetting of the crystals which add sparkle and put the finishing touch on each piece of HARRACA jewelry.

Harraca's famous patented acrylic contains many qualities including high light transmission and low weight (in comparison to glass), outstanding transparence and very high resistance to UV, weathering, shocks and impacts. As a jewel, its only weakness, like a cultured pearl, is its low resistance to solvents and alcohol.